A One-Hour Video Course

Positive Shared Custody

Five Commitments That Help You STOP The Drama and Bring Long-Term Harmony to Your Family



  • Parents who have recently split and are sharing custody  
  • Parents who have shared custody for a long time, but want to improve their relationship  
  • Parents considering separating from the other parent 

  • Parents who are new to co-parenting, even if they were never a couple

Learn Better Strategies for Co-Parenting With Your Ex!

Splitting custody can be one of the toughest challenges you'll ever face as a parent. Arguments, painful emotions, and money worries can make a hard situation even harder, for you and your kids.  

But it doesn’t have to be that way! In this course, taught by an actual divorced couple who are parents to two teenagers, we show you exactly how we transformed our own custody arrangement, from a miserable, rocky start into one that's cooperative and harmonious for us, for our kids, and for our respective spouses.  

  • Five videos, totalling one-hour
  • Handout summarizing strategies
  • Access the videos any time
  • Money-back guarnatee

Taught by Divorced Parents, Anna Runkle and Timothy Fricker

Tim Fricker is a family law attorney and Anna Runkle is the author of the blog Crappy Childhood Fairy. Divorced since 2004, they share their experience transforming their co-parenting relationship to one that is cooperative and mutually helpful. They live in the San Francisco Bay Area.